Here’s a bit of info about us

We are an American veteran owned company that offers FCC GROL General Radio Operator License & A&P prep courses to military members to provide the best career, and self marketability opportunities. It is our mission to get you ready to transition with success into the civilian career force.

We currently provide courses for members near RAF Lakenheath, RAF Mildenhall, Davis-Monthan, Luke, Eglin & Holloman AFB. 


I have 22 years experience working in the aviation field and over 12 years leading and managing teams of aircraft maintainers. I have traveled to 31 countries for multiple aviation projects, and I currently lead a team of over 100 employees. My primary focus is to ultimately create Better People in the aviation industry through education. I am here to provide you with methods you can use to improve yourself through minor, realistic improvements.

Our Community Manager – Jose Zaragoza

Jose Zaragoza is the community manager for Aircraft Maintainer LLC. He is currently serving in the United States Air Force as a tactical aircraft maintainer on F-16s and A-10s. 


My Life Story

I was born in Fort Worth, Texas. From the beginning, I had V8 power, jet engines and entrepreneurship in my blood, but we’ll get into that later. Soon after birth, my father moved the family to a small town outside of Fort Worth, Glen Rose, Texas. We lived in a small trailer home, and I shared a room with my sister Crystal and my brother Albert. Both of my parents worked very hard, and since I was the oldest, I took care of my siblings. We all pitched in to cook and clean for ourselves. 

Throughout my childhood, I loved machines like cars, engines, car drawings, and hot wheels. My father would flip cars from auctions on the side hustle. I remember this late model third gen Camaro my father brought home when I was 4. I fell in love with that car and my love towards cars hasn’t left. My mother was a manager at the local Dairy Queen, and she was loyal to it. 

On June 14, 2004, I joined the United States Air Force as a F-16 crew chief and now A-10. I went to the recruiter’s office after my freshman year of college. I was gone to boot camp five days after meeting the recruiter’s office. I enjoyed every moment from the physical part to the education. I enjoyed all the skills I gained in working on multi-million war machines. These skills gave me the confidence of working on my own cars. I have been able to rebuild my cars and take pride in my work completely. 

I am currently as of May 2018, served 14 years and have deployed to Afghanistan twice, lived in Korea for a total of two years, Italy for three years, and Japan for two years. I have traveled to 35 countries which have given me a vast scope of the world. The experiences I gained from traveling are priceless. 

I have accomplished a lot in my military career and gained a wealth of knowledge. I made a lot of friends and new family members. 

In recent years, I have been reading books on business, economics, history, philosophy, self-development and traveling. I am addicted to learning more and more I read. This already large world has opened up more doors. In this book.  

The Future

I have a few major goals I want to reach. First, take care of my mother as she is not well. Second is continue to help others, whether military or civilian. 3rd is to own all my favorite cars.

I hope my story can build some trust and lead towards relationships. I firmly believe in working towards your passion which transcribes to a happy life. 

UK Regional Manager– William

William manages operations in the United Kingdom. William has over 20 years experience as a Jet Engine Technician and has over 4,000 hrs as an instructor in hydraulics, engine repair, flight control rigging & avionics systems troubleshooting/repair. William is committed to teaching and empowering people around him to improve themselves through education.

Administrative Assistant

Our administrative Assistant has 21 years of experience leading multiple agencies with over 80 troops in the United States Air Force. She is an expert in aviation survival equipment and a certified aircraft crash investigator. 


Our teams credentials include:

• Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics/Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

• Airframe & Powerplant license

•FCC General Radio Operators license

• Certified Violence Prevention instructor with over 500 hrs

• 26 week leadership school graduate

• Youth Program Instructor

•Licensed Automotive Repair technician

• Academic Instructor course

• Aircrew Flight Equipment Program Managment course

• Life Science Investigation course

• Aircraft Investigation Board member

• Oversaw $17 billion United States Air Force fighter aircraft fleet

• Led 140 member team Promotional event for 5000 attendees

• Digital Marketing Expert

• Certified Instructor with over 4,000 hrs

• Avionics troubleshooting expert

• Certified Turbine engine depot repairman/trainer

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