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We are an American veteran owned company that offers courses to military members to provide the best career, and self marketability opportunities. It is our mission to get you ready to transition with success into the civilian career force. While GIVING back through fundraising/donations/networking to our VETS!


We truly give a damn about only 4 things! our veterans, leadership, mentorship & breathing.

We currently provide courses for members anywhere in the WORLD!


He has 22 years experience working in the aviation field and over 12 years leading and managing teams of aircraft maintainers. He has traveled to 31 countries for multiple aviation projects, and currently leads a team of over 100 employees. His primary focus is to ultimately create Better People in the aviation industry through education. He is here to provide you with methods you can use to improve yourself through minor, realistic improvements.

Administrative Assistant

Our administrative Assistant has 21 years of experience leading multiple agencies with over 80 troops in the United States Air Force. She is an expert in aviation survival equipment and a certified aircraft crash investigator. 

UK Regional Manager– William

William manages operations in the United Kingdom. William has over 20 years experience as a Jet Engine Technician and has over 4,000 hrs as an instructor in hydraulics, engine repair, flight control rigging & avionics systems troubleshooting/repair. William is committed to teaching and empowering people around him to improve themselves through education.

In 2019:

  • We have donated $17,000 to programs directly benefiting Active Duty troops
  • Partnered with RPH to Produce a documentary with Veterans for Veterans in Filmaking
  • Assisted 12 Veterans with job placement
  • Actively Mentored 18 small business owners in strategy & tactics for success.
  • Sounds of Freedom 2019 Event coordinators

Our teams credentials include:

? Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics/Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

? Airframe & Powerplant license

?FCC General Radio Operators license

? Certified Violence Prevention instructor with over 500 hrs

? 26 week leadership school graduate

? Youth Program Instructor

?Licensed Automotive Repair technician

? Academic Instructor course

? Aircrew Flight Equipment Program Managment course

? Life Science Investigation course

? Aircraft Investigation Board member

? Oversaw $17 billion United States Air Force fighter aircraft fleet

? Led 140 member team Promotional event for 5000 attendees

? Digital Marketing Expert

? Certified Instructor with over 4,000 hrs

? Avionics troubleshooting expert

? Certified Turbine engine depot repairman/trainer

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