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FCC GROL (General Radio Operator License) Value

FCC General Radio Operator License Value

People always ask..

“What is the FCC GROL General Radio Operator License Value?”

My response is always the same, but let us actually break it down. There are several reasons for getting any license. Each depending on each individuals goals, plans and values.

Several students come through and take the examinations because it is a validation of  the experience they have earned. There are some that choose to take the exams simply to get certification. Passing the exams gives something tangible that can add credibility and open doors in hundreds of industries. Some students simply want to educate themselves in other fields of work.

I had an Air Force retiree that was UNABLE to apply for certain jobs in Florida (where he was going to retire). Simply because he didn’t have both an A&P and the FCC GROL.

The value of a FCC GROL could be $60K a year for the job you wont be able to get without it.


For many others it is a credential that validates the knowledge and experience they have acquired throughout their career. I’ve had students come through the course motivated by an hourly pay increase that awaits then upon completion of the course. Yes! Employers will pay A&P holders an increased wage for holding licenses in other fields of work. To be fair it makes perfect sense that an Employer will hire one employee that has many skills over two employees with individualized sets of skills. So for some the value is simply be a pay increase for a job they may already hold.

Then there are the folks that are unsure of whether they will stick to the the career path they chose in the military. There are also those that are smart enough to secure education at next to “ZERO” cost when it stares them in the face. Grasping education at a bargain with value that will only be identified years down the road. When you least expect it and apply for a job in an industry you don’t plan to be in.

FCC GROL (General Radio Operator License) Value

I don’t know the direct FCC GROL value for each scenario! But, I know that NOT having a license when it is readily available, is NOT a very smart strategy for being competitive in any Industry. Especially when you consider Air Force members have AFCOOL that covers the costs associated with obtaining the license.

The ONLY requirement is EFFORT to SIGN UP and attend.

Don’ just take my word for it. You can find more info on available jobs in the market. Hopefully I helped answer FCC GROL (General Radio Operator License) Value and why you should invest in yourself.