Ship Radar Course

What you get in our prep course:

In a nutshell: 24/7 access to tailored online study material, practice exams, and online proctored final exams. All FCC licensing paperwork is reviewed and processed by our admin team upon your successful completion of the necessary final exams.   

In Detail: 

  • FCC Elements 8  Study Guide & Practice exams
  • FCC Application assistance, review & processing

As an FCC Credentialing Agency (also included), we will:

  • FCC Final Exams grading, review & processing 
  • FCC Elements 8  Proctored Final exams online
  • We prepare & review all your documents for file keeping. 
  • Issue your License
  • Submit to FCC Universal Licensing system  (FCC Mandated online validation system keeps a reference copy in case anyone wants to check your license status)

Basically we do it all from beginning to end!

Why choose us?

Our company was created by a retired U.S Air Force Veteran to help and improve our community. We won’t sell you what you don’t need.