AFCOOL Funding Guide Resource Page

We have videos, written instructions,
and pictures to help you through this process.
If all else fails, get ahold of Customer supportfor assistance.


Education goal


Funding request

How to apply for AFCOOL FUNDING, this is a 2 step process:




1. Create an Education Goal (setting intention to take course)
    a. Only approved once supervisor signs off
2. Create a Funding Request (actually apply for funding for the course)
    a. Supervisor signs AGAIN, only approved when AFCOOL signs off

Lets get started!

➔ Get started at
➔ Click “Education Goals” along the left side of the screen
➔ Click “Create New Goal” button, top left of screen
➔ Select AFCOOL PAFSC Related or Non AFSC Related
➔ Input your supervisor information and confirm it on global
➔ What Credential will you be pursuing?

    ◆ General Radio Operator’s License GROL
    ◆ AET
    ◆ GMDSS
Add Supporting Documents

    ◆ Upload Credential Eligibility Form
    ◆ Upload Aircraft Maintainer Itemized Invoice
➔ Submit Education Goal
➔ Send Supervisor Email (which can be re-sent if your supervisor doesn’t sign in a timely manner)
➔ DO NOT BE FOOLED - This is only the first step
You will have to re-visit this page AFTER your supervisor signs and actually APPLY FOR FUNDING


➔ Once Education Goal is approved, your “APPLY FOR FUNDING” button becomes available
➔ Click it!
➔ Re-verify supervisor information
➔ Agree to all conditions and Continue
➔ Are you deployed? Enter Yes or No
➔ For Exam Center, type in Aircraft Maintainer LLC
➔ Select “Aircraft Maintainer LLC - Main Campus” from drop-down menu
➔ Estimated start date is actually your exam date, or the last day of class (usually a Saturday or Sunday) - the end date will automatically populate
➔ What do you need funding for?

    ◆ There are two buttons here, “Add Exam” and “Add Study Material”
    ◆ ADD STUDY MATERIAL FIRST - once you add your exam and fees, you will be blocked from entering anything else, and will have to start again from the beginning.
➔ Add study material TYPE, $ COST, and DESCRIPTION from our Itemized Invoice
➔ Then add fees, you will add one Administrative Fee, then go back to add the application fee as shown on the invoice.
Click SUBMIT - This is the first of two Funding Requests
➔ NOW, let’s do it for exams
➔ This is the second funding request, click “Add Exam” button
➔ Click “Select Exam”
➔ DL will be location
➔ Fill in total cost for all tests taken and add exam
➔ Add Fee: You will add fee for only the proctor as an administrative fee
➔ Add Exam TYPE, $ COST, and DESCRIPTION from our Itemized Invoice
➔ Click “FINISH”
➔ The bottom of screen will show “Funding Request Submitted”

Once your supervisor signs off on your Funding Request, please take a screenshot and upload it to