$100 dollar FCC License

$100 Dollar FCC General Radio Operator License (Self Study Method)


Spend $100, Get your FCC GROL

Are you a person who studies well all by themselves? Well aside from getting a gold star for being awesome, you can also get yourself an FCC (General Radio Operator) License! We are happy to proctor an exam for you. Thinking our 3-day prep course doesn’t sound like your style? Then let us help you get your license by giving you a chance to take the test. We have a $100 dollar self-study method to acquire your FCC GROL. 
We got your back! We want to help you get paid more in your current job -or- get yourself a job that pays you what you deserve!

How to help us, help you

You may be one of those lone rangers, free spirit, one-man-wolfpack types who prefers to do the studying all by yourself. Fantastic! Let us know when you are ready to demonstrate all your knowledge, and we will set up an exam date for you. You give us $100, and we give you the chance to soar through the test. 

If at first you don’t succeed, don’t worry, you can try and try again. The only thing we will ask from you is a $100 re-exam fee. We won’t even ask you the last time you changed your socks or brushed your teeth- you rebel!

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