FCC General Radio Operator License Value

FCC General Radio Operator License Value


A very common question about the GROL is, what is the value of having a General Radio Operator License?

The most concise answer is probably the difference of about $60K. The value of having an FCC General Radio Operator License (GROL) could easily be $60K for a job that you won’t be able to qualify for without having this license. 

Another quick answer would be the difference of $5/$8 an hour. Couple that with the work hours you probably already put in, and that could be anywhere from an extra $200/$320 per week.

There are, of course, a variety of reasons for getting a professional certification. Some of these reasons aren’t directly related to pay, although money tends to be a great motivator for getting them. Other reasons can be related to future goals, plans, and maybe even bragging rights.
Some Aircraft Maintainer students come to us and take these exams to validate their experience. Passing these exams and earning these licenses gives them something tangible that can add credibility and open the doors to working in hundreds of industries. Other students want to broaden their knowledge in related fields of work by having their General Radio Operator License.


In some cases, these licenses are a MUST. An Air Force veteran was UNABLE to apply for certain jobs in Florida, the state in which he wanted to retire, simply due to not having both an A&P and the FCC GROL. 

Other veterans are not able to beat out civilians for the jobs they applied for because they did not have these licenses on their resumes. These credentials validate the knowledge and experience that was acquired in their military career. Without something tangible that turns their experience into something that employers understand, veterans are easily brushed to the side.


These credentials can make a big difference in lives. A&P holders can increase their pay by getting other licenses in related fields of work. Broadening your knowledge will give you an edge in your work and reward you with a pay increase.

Folks unsure about continuing with their career in the military can also give themselves options. You can get funding for these licenses through AFCOOL and have a backup plan should you decide to change your career path. 


You can get your GROL by putting in some effort and attending our classes. Sign up HERE and be on your way to adding to your appeal or getting more useful knowledge in your work. Invest in yourself!

Need more convincing? Check out available jobs you can use with an FCC GROL HERE

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