Five & Thrive: An Assistance to Quality of Life for Military Families

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Being in the military means lots of relocating. Military families move a lot during the time that a parent is active in the armed forces. Moving can be difficult for anyone, but moving often can be even more difficult for families and kids. Five & Thrive is a landing page created to help “Increase Quality of Life for Air and Space Force Members”, with a special focus on helping families. Five & Thrive wants to make sure families have plenty of resources to help them move and assimilate as easily as possible.

Check out the official site here: Five & Thrive


Five & Thrive Focuses on 5 areas used in relocation for Service Members:

    • Childcare

    • Education

    • Healthcare

    • Housing

    • Spouse Employment


Five and Thrive believes that childcare should be safe, accessable, and affordable. Five and Thrive has collected different program resources for families in order to enrich their child’s life. Air Force members have the following options to explore for their children to help with settling in at a new place:

    • Department of the Air Force Child & Youth Programs

    • Child Development Centers

    • Family Child Care


    • Child Care Aware® of America (CCAoA)

    • KinderSpot App

    • In-Home Child Care Fee Assistance Pilot Program

Read more about the different options and find the links to all of them HERE.



Five and Thrive believes all military dependents deserve easy school transitions to new locations,  access to quality education, and equitable resources for needed services such as special education. The collection of education programs include:

    • School Liaison Program 

    • Department of Defense Education Activity

    • Defense State Liaison Office (DSLO) Military State Policy Key Issues for Education

    • A+ Toolkit

    • Post 9/11 GI Bill

    • Special Education Resources

    • Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3)

Read more about the different options and find the links to all of them HERE.


Five and Thrive believes that all members of Air Force families deserve high quality healthcare including mental health services. Find the programs and links below.


Five and Thrive believes in safe, accessible, and affordable housing for all service member families. Here are their collection of helpful programs:
    • Air Force Housing
    • Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT)
    • Military Housing Privatization Initiative Tenant Bill of Rights
    • Housing Information Search by Location
    • PCS and Military Moves
    • Plan My Move
Read more about the different options and find the links to all of them HERE.

Spouse Employment:
Five and Thrive believes spouses should be able to find reliable employment wherever families need to move. Their programs focus on useful resources to help spouses have good options to combat the challenges of unemployment they may face when moving. This includes the following programs:
    • Airmen & Family Readiness Center
    • Portable Career Resources
    • My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) Scholarship
    • Military Spouse Education & Career Opportunities
    • USAJOBS 
    • Military Spouse Non-Competitive Hiring Process
    • Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) Jobs
    • Military Spouse Licensure Reciprocity
    • Military Spouse Licensure Reimbursement 
    • US Air Force Military Spouse Attorney Hiring Program

Read more about the different options and find the links to all of them HERE.

Find the Five and Thrive Spouse Guide HERE with more helpful information.


The Bottom Line

Ultimately this landing page is designed to give helpful leads and options when moving. Relocating due to service requirements can be a big challenge. Hopefully having this collection of information can make things easier and allow for a faster transition. Knowing all the options available can be an excellent set of tools to help you succeed.

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