Pandemic + Maintainers = Job Security ?

Pandemic + Maintainers = Job Security?

Pandemic problems

The Covid-19 pandemic gave us many challenges. Some of those challenges included travel bans, flight cancellations, airport closures, and rampant sickness. When all these factors are added up, it seems like a recipe for disaster. However, the aviation industry proved itself to be the most stable, despite being one of the worst affected by the pandemic. People will always travel, and the need for travel and transport via aircraft will never cease. 

While the aviation industry did experience drastic changes as a result of the pandemic, the planes and radios still needed people to work on them. Travel restrictions meant that there were more planes on the ground than in the sky. It’s far easier to work on planes when they are grounded and not being demanded for travel. It is also far less pressure for aircraft maintenance workers to adjust and repair planes when they are not in high demand. 

Maintainer solutions

Through all the changes the aviation industry experienced one thing remained constant: the need for professionals in aviation maintenance. Workers who know planes well inside and out and can adjust and repair them will always be necessary. During the Covid closures, while the cabin crew and pilots who fly were unable to work, the aviation maintenance technicians were in more need than ever. Planes were being stored in the warehouses on the ground and planes will always need work when they are being unused.

Planes, like any other heavy machine, cannot be left alone for a long time. With their especially complex and dynamic engineering and design, they require frequent check-ups to ensure that everything in them is still working. For an airline, loss of passengers may not be as problematic as a loss of their machinery due to improper maintenance, even something as simple as rusting can render an aircraft completely useless and unfit to fly in the future.

Job Security

If you were having doubts about your job as a maintainer, know that as far as job security goes, the need for maintainers will always be there. The pandemic highlighted how important and essential maintainers are for the aviation industry. As much as Covid-19 changed the way that travel and transport work, it certainly demonstrated what cannot be removed. Maintainers are the glue that even the pandemic couldn’t unstick.

Airlines and airports are now once again filled with people wanting to resume their regular travel plans both nationally and internationally. Because of this demand, all of the aircraft that was grounded before are now dusting off and getting ready to take to the skies. It’s a good thing maintainers have continued their work even during the closures. Now travelers will be able to use the machinery that was repaired, adjusted, checked and ready for service. All thanks to maintainers, who will always be essential to aviation.

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