So you want to get out?

So you want to get out?



If you have decided the Air Force is not for you, you have come to the right place. An idea always starts somewhere, and here are two ideas we believe all troops should live by.

The first idea is that you work to get out of the military until you don’t have to work anymore. We see too many people talk about getting out of the military and fail to prepare. Preparation is key when making a huge life change. The thought that everyone can stay in the Air Force until they retire is a great one, but it is not something that each person can turn into a reality. So, we have a suggestion: work your ass off to GET OUT. Get every cert and license and take all the courses you can while you are getting funded. Even if all that happens is you wind up with lots of certifications and licenses, that is a much better place to be than having nothing to show for all your hard work.

The second idea is matching your mentality to your execution of desires. We’ve seen one too many Airmen complain about how much they hate their job. Then those same airmen follow up those complaints with talk about how they are going to party the next upcoming weekend. If you are going to talk trash about the terrible job you have and not act on the desires you have in your head, we hate to break the news to you, but you are not an excellent worker to begin with. This might be a wake-up call and you may want to reevaluate your decisions, and what type of worker you hope to be.

We can also tell you that if you change your mind and decide to stay in even after you have prepared to get out, you are now going to be an even more valuable Airman than before. Prepared thinking is a win-win mentality. You will motivate yourself to work for something, and at worst you will just have a lot of tangible things to show for it.

20-Year-old Vet Experience.
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