Continuing on Your Transition Journey

**All of this information has been taken from the VA Transition Guide. We have broken down the information into much easier pieces for you to navigate.**

What does your Path Look Like?

    1. You will need to complete the required paperwork for your transition and make sure you have all ID cards, Insurance, and your Separation form. (Read the blog with more details about where to begin HERE.)
    2. You will need to make sure your family is being supported during this transition time. 
    3. You will need to get career ready for your transition back to civilian life. (Read our blog about Helpful Resume Services HERE. Check out some fantastic credentials we offer to give you an edge over other applicants like the FCC GROL and the NCATT AET.)
    4. You will need to find a place to live.
    5. You will need to maintain your health. 
    6. You will need to connect with your community.

We already looked in more detail at making sure your family is being supported HERE so let’s turn our focus to #3 above, getting career ready. 

Getting Career Ready

The VA can help you: 

    • Obtain the education, skills and credentials you need
    • Build the career that fits your goals
    • Find the right career or job opportunity
    • Develop profession and community connections

Education and Training Resources

Personalized Career Planing and Guidance

VA’s Personalized Career Planning and Guidance (PCPG) program provides enhanced career counseling, assessment, education planning and guidance resources to achieve personal, career and education goals. The personalized support from a master’s-level counselor will help you (or your eligible spouse and dependents) to: 

    • Evaluate your skills and strengths, and then compare them to your personal goals. 
    • Find a training or academic program that supports your needs.
    • Decide which civilian or military jobs you want.
    • Develop a detailed action plan to achieve personal goals.
    • Remove any barriers that get in the way of your success in training or employment. 

With Personalized Career Planning and Guidance you can get:

    • Guidance on the effective use of VA benefits and other resources.
    • Personalized academic or adjustment counseling to help you understand your academic strengths and weaknesses.
    • Help to select the best career options based on your interests and skills.
    • Help to research the local labor market and to improve your job-marketing skills.

One-on-one career counseling with a qualified career counselor allows you to get answers to your questions and address any challenges you are facing. Services include:

    • Career choice assistance to help participants understand the best career options based on interest or skills. 
    • Benefits coaching to provide guidance on VA benefits and resources to achieve education and career goals.
    • Personalized support to provide academic or adjustment counseling to help remove any barriers to success. 

Keep in mind…

    • It is easy to apply for this benefit.
    • You can obtain this service from VA regional offices or virtually through telephone counseling.
    • With the help of the program, you can excel as you transition from military to civilian careers.



This service does not require a service-connected disability rating, and you can use it more than one time. 

You are eligible if you are one of the following:

    • Active-Duty
    • National Guard
    • Reserve
    • Veteran
    • Family Member

AND, you are:

    • A transitioning Service Member 6 months before separation, OR
    • A Veteran who transitioned from active-duty within the last year, OR
    • A Veteran or beneficiary eligible for any VA Educational Benefit. 

Learn more about Educational and Career Counseling HERE.


    • Online – Apply for Personalized Career Planning and Guidance HERE.
    • By Mail – Send VA Form 28-8832 (found HERE) OR write a letter requesting services to your nearest VA Regional Office
    • By Phone – Call VA’s Education Call Center toll free @ 1-888-442-4551

Here are some resources for where to learn more:

**All of this information has been taken from the VA Transition Guide. We have broken down the information into much easier pieces for you to navigate.**



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